Invest deal-by-deal in LatAm startups

Thesis aligned deals delivered to your inbox.

Semillas is a free Startup-Investor matching tool that introduces founders from Latin America to seed investors globally.

Applications are reviewed by Startupeable, a leading startup community in LatAm.

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How It Works

Investors part of Semillas ("seeds", in Spanish) receive the profiles of startups that match their investment thesis.


We will review your application and let you know if you are accepted. We look for active pre-seed and seed stage investors.


If accepted, we match you with thesis aligned deals and send the corresponding startups' profiles including their pitch deck.


If you choose to Connect with the startup, we automatically generate an intro email with the startup's founder.

Deal Time

After the Connect email, our job is done. Feel free to ask further questions to the founder or schedule a conversation.

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Semillas is a Startup-Investor matching tool that introduces founders from Latin America to seed funds and angel investors from all over the world. Created by Enzo Cavalie, within Startupeable, the leading educational media on startups and VC in LatAm.

We believe active seed and angel investors can provide tons of value for entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, raising a seed round in Latin America is reserved for a few people not necessarily because of their startup’s potential but out of access. Not only founders are not getting funded, but seed investors are missing out big investments opportunities.

Only the Startupeable Team. Your information will not be made public. It will only be used to match you with startups. Confidentiality is important – we understand.
Each month you’ll receive a monthly email with a selected set of startups (2 or 3), based on your investment preferences. You will then have to choose whether you want to Connect with the company or just Pass. If you Connect, you’ll receive an intro email with one of the startups’ founders. From that point on, we’ll leave you to connect. Don’t worry, if you’re accepted, we will send you an email with further instructions.
This program is for early-stage companies (pre-seed or seed stage), ideally started within the last two years. Most funding rounds are smaller than USD $500k.

Send an email to support with the subject Semillas Unsubscribe (using your registered email account).